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My vision is to help you streamline your financial operations so you can focus on your nonprofit’s mission. The firm does this by helping clients develop accounting systems that give management the information they need for grant reporting, tax reporting, and internal decision-making; providing training and support to build capacity within the nonprofit; and providing accounting services that cannot be effectively performed in-house.  Your work is important – you deserve to have accurate, understandable financial information without unnecessary administrative burden.

At the heart of every client relationship is advisory services. Whatever transactional services we provide our clients (tax preparation, bookkeeping, financial statement services, etc.), we bring to the work specialized expertise in nonprofit compliance and best practices, and we are committed to helping our clients perform at the highest level.

The guiding strategic principles of the firm are responsiveness and superior quality.  I’m committed to keeping the firm small so that we can offer our clients maximum flexibility. The services we offer are by their nature entirely unique for each client, and by keeping the firm’s infrastructure at a minimum, we can respond to the individualized wishes of our clients. You’ll never hear us say, “That’s just the way we always do it.”  We can approach projects in any way that works for you – we can vary the timeline, the sharing of responsibility, the format, etc., based on your own needs, not our preconceptions.

Our firm serves nonprofit organizations exclusively so that we can maintain the depth of knowledge that nonprofit accounting requires. As accounting rules have become more complex and specialized by industry, CPAs are focusing our work on specific niches, because it’s become too difficult to maintain competency in multiple industries and practice areas. I believe our concentrated expertise offers unique value to our clients.

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The firm is licensed by the N.C. State Board of CPA Examiners, License # 30757